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Bella Beauty Bars

Increased followers by 3366%
Increased engagement rate to 149%
Increased reach to 272,000

Tiffani Michelle

Increased followers by 1283%
Starting followers 1215
Current followers 16,800

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Instagram Consultation

You need an Instagram professional to analyze your brand, your niche, and your Instagram account to increase your engagement, boost your influence, and optimize your performance. An Instagram consultation is an in depth approach to accelerating your growth that includes target audience research, influence and competitor research, growth strategies, content strategies, and more. After analyzing all of the insights ad data, we'll create a detailed growth blueprint strategy that utilizes your strengths, finds areas of improvement, and provide you with clear and comprehensive steps to optimize your results on Instagram. We'll sit down to a video conference and cover all the opportunities you have to leverage your account and optimize your results. We will answer questions and provide expert, first-hand advice on how to implement these strategies. Our session will be followed up with your custom Instagram Growth Blueprint PDF.

Content Management

Having a hard time figuring out what to post on your Instagram page? Are you frustrated because you post aren't getting as much love as you think it should? Instagram content management is exactly what you need to create genuine connections and content they are enthusiastic to engage with. We help you create carefully crafted content that speak directly to the thoughts, feelings, and needs of your followers. You will establish an instagram feed that represents the best of your brand and maximizes your reach and engagement. We will create a folder for you to upload all of your great pictures and videos. We will organize it and come of with an impactful caption and best hashtags. The post will be send to you for approval in advance. Once you approve it, we will schedule your content in advance and make sure it post at the best time to get the most engagement.

Creative Director

When you want to make sure that your Instagram feed is effectively communicating with your audience and have the biggest visual impact, you need an experienced creative director. Our graphic design department has 18+ years of experience to make your Instagram pop and look professional. We will advise you on how to create and shoot amazing and engaging photos and videos that best represent your brand. We'll help you come up with effective content that is both creative and strategic to meet your marketing needs and business goals. You'll be producing premium content that resonates with your target audience while still maintaining your brand message and values. Our creative team can help you create campaigns that speak directly to your audience and take away the headache of trying to figure it out yourself.

Instagram Advisor

If you're serious about building your brand on Instagram, it can feel overwhelming, even when you feel like you know what you're doing. What if you had your own Professional Instagram Advisor to be there with you every step of the way? Have exclusive 1-on-1 access to your own Instagram Expert to answer questions, give you the most recent Instagram tips, bounce ideas off of, and more. You will have the ability to DM your advisor right through Instagram, or send an email. Receive weekly reviews and assessments to analyze your account to see what’s working and what things you can improve on to get better results. Need someone to motivate you and keep you accountable? You will get mindset and success coaching to help you stay focused and motivated along your Instagram journey. 

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Introduce your brand to thousands of new potential customers and clients every month.

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Create a loyal and highly engaged audience who become lifetime followers and customers.

Accelerated Engagement

Get more high quality likes, views, and comments from raving fans eager to engage with your page.

Super Targeted Traffic

Get visits to your Instagram page from the perfect audience most likely to become your followers, customers, and community.

Increase Productivity

Go have fun and spend more time doing the things you want to do!

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Bella Beauty Bars
Bella Beauty Bars@bellabeautybars
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I had zero ideas on how to grow my social media platform and importantly I was tired of paying for inconsistent companies who claimed they can grow my Instagram. Impower Media immediately made an impact! He explained clearly how they would manage and grow my Instagram Influence. He took the time to understand my business, as well as my short and long term goals. I am extremely pleased to have my Instagram page currently managed by such a reputable black-owned company.
The Melanin Maven
The Melanin Maven@themelaninmaven
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Impower Media has been extremely beneficial to me and my brand-building quest. They have truly “empowered” me to be more strategic and insightful not only to my audience but to myself as well. I am grateful for the one on ones and the patience that they have shown me. I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know that wants to build their brand and grow their Instagram presence. Thank You!

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